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Himanshu Singh
2 min readMay 12, 2024

Hey everyone, 👋
I am Himanshu Singh. In this blog, I will be sharing the first indie hacking project that I have built. I have built it for the community and that’s why I have kept it open source.

💡 Idea

When I was preparing for my interviews, I used to read a lot of interview experience blogs to know how an interview goes and to get an idea.

It really helps to read someone else experience when you are preparing for your interviews, and I thought if this is helping me then it will help others as well.

That’s when I came up with an idea for https://techinterviewexp.site.

🎗️ What’s the purpose

The purpose of this website is to provide a platform where people can share their interview experiences and help others prepare for their interviews.

🔍 What it has

This website provides a list of blogs for tech interview experiences from companies like Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, and many more. You can filter the list by a company and/or by a keyword.

If you have your own interview experience to share, you can add it, after which someone from the team will review it (we will check if the link is working and if the content is appropriate), and then it will be available for everyone to see.

🎬 It ends here

Thanks for reading it till the end, please do use the site and let me know your feedback in the comments below. Hoping this will help!

You can connect with me on Twitter.

🚨 Attention

I am looking for folks in the community who can help me to keep this project alive. This project uses GraphQL server and PostgreSQL database which is hosted on Render, and it costs me money.

So, It would be really nice if you could sponsor me on GitHub, and your sponsorship amount will be used to pay server bills for this project.

Thank you for sponsoring me!

p.s. I share daily activities of this site on my Twitter handle, so you can check my timeline - https://twitter.com/hsnice16



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