Launched my side project on two platforms πŸš€

Himanshu Singh
2 min readJun 8, 2024


Hello everyone πŸ‘‹,
I am Himanshu Singh.
If you are reading my blog for the first time, here is my short introduction.

I am a software engineer and possess good product sense. I keep building side projects and have built many things to date.

Recently I launched one of my projects on and

The project is still live on Peerlist, so please consider voting for it β€”

πŸŒƒ The project.

The project aims to provide a platform where people can share their interview experiences and help others prepare for their interviews.

I wrote a full blog on this project, in which I wrote about how I got the idea for this project, what the purpose of this project is, and what it has so that I won’t repeat that here again. You can read about that at

I had listed it on ProductHunt as well β€”

🏁 That’s all for this.

I just wanted to let you folks know about this project. I am also shutting down this project soon, as I am not getting time to work on this because of my primary job.

This project has sources to generate revenue via Adsense, targeted marketing, etc. If you folks want to purchase then do shoot me an email at, and we can take this forward from there.

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