Mental Models — 01 , TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING

Super Thinking The Big Book of Mental Models

Mental Models, can help you to make mental pictures of situation which then become models and you can use it in similar situations.

In Super Thinking The Big Book of Mental Models by Gabriel Weinberg, Lauren McCann ,

a precept mentioned Nothing in excess , our modern equivalent is too much of a good thing. They have say that , Of course , we need some information to make good decisions , but too much information leads to information overload , which complicates a decision-making process.

To much information , generate an unintended consequence known as analysis paralysis, where someone’s decision making capacity becomes paralyze because they are over-analyzing the large amount of information available.

There is a mental model which is very famous, Perfect is the enemy of good , when you wait for perfect time or perfect anything then indeed , you have to wait for a long time . And when you are waiting for perfect time to make a decision than you are making a decision , which is more worse than anything else .

Anything in excess , makes thing more worse . It can be anything , more time to make any decision , large amount of information , waiting too much to do anything .

So if you think, Anything can go wrong then you should have a proactive mindset rather than reactive .

You should heed Murphy’s Law : Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

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Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh

🌐 Web Developer | 💻 dynamicprogrammer | 🗸 hsnice16

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